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bacon logs french toast recipe syrup
bacon logs french toast recipe syrup

In French Toast Recipe I Am going to share with you Bacon logs French Toast Recipe.

This recipe is very easy and good for health.You can serve for 4 members and very good for breakfast.

Also you eat before dinner.

“Bacon Logs are as simple as moving off a you-realize what to settle. Simply cut French Toast into strips – and in the middle of them, and to finish everything, put sizzly cuts of Armor Star Bacon. At that point – pass the Log Cabin Syrup that includes the delegated transcendence.”

Bacon Logs French Toast Recipe

  • 4 servings of French Toast (recipe suggestion below)
  • 8 to 12 slices of bacon – cooked crisp
  • pancake syrup

    bacon logs french toast recipe syrup
    bacon logs french toast recipe syrup

Here is a good Basic French Toast Recipe and Here some assistance for bacon,  The Quick & Easy Guide To Crispy Bacon.





Cooking Tips:

Day old bread is constantly best for French Toast. In the event that your bread is super crisp, put cuts in the broiler at 200 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes. Dry bread ingests more egg blend and the outcome is constantly better.

Have a go at cutting your bread into strips (logs) before dunking into the egg blend. That way, every surface of the bread will be covered in brilliant darker goodness.

On the off chance that influencing your French Toast in groups, to preheat your broiler to 325 degrees. At the point when the sum total of what cuts have been broiled to brilliant dark colored, put all bread pieces in the stove on a heating sheet for around 12 minutes. Not exclusively will everybody have warm French Toast in the meantime, yet the custard that splashed into the bread will cook somewhat more and give you more full flavor and a pleasant predictable surface.

French Toast cuts stacked with bacon and showered with maple syrup. Simple to make and fun.

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