Home recipes breakfast Jam Jelly Doughnut French Toast Recipe – French Toast Recipe

Jam Jelly Doughnut French Toast Recipe – French Toast Recipe

90+ French Toast Recipes - French Toast Recipe - Health Secures
90+ French Toast Recipes - French Toast Recipe - Health Secures

Jam Jelly Doughnut French Toast

Jam Jelly Doughnut French Toast Recipe - French Toast Recipe
Jam Jelly Doughnut French Toast Recipe – French Toast Recipe

Today my recipe is JAM JELLY DOUGHNUT FRENCH TOAST RECIPE kind of french toast you really like this recipe.

its very easy to make and very healthy you can use this in breakfast and brunch.

French toast with strawberry jam doughnut! 230 calories per serving.This dish is very creamy and Crispy.More information about calories Wikipedia

It truly is incredibly simple to make. You essentially make stick sandwiches out of rounds cut out from common white bread, dunk it in an egg blend, cook until brilliant at that point tidy with sugar. The main thing to recollect is to ensure you don’t spread the stick the distance to the edge on the grounds that generally when you are dealing with it the stick may overflow out.

Cutting the bread into rounds is discretionary – I did it since it influences it to look more like stick doughnuts, however you don’t need. For me it filled an additional need since I require bread scraps to influence something I to have made arrangements for the end of the week so I spared the off cuts for that. An awesome tip for removing rounds of bread is to utilize a substantial tinned tomato can (unfilled and washed). It’s the ideal size for squeezing expansive balances of most sandwich breads. In this specific case the chunk I was utilizing was littler than common and the can was too enormous so I needed to remove the rounds with a blade ( simply stacked them and completed 3 at once).

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Jam Jelly Doughnut French Toast Recipe

Prep Time      Cook Time    Total Time

10 mins          5 mins           15 mins
Course: Breakfast, Brunch, Sweet


Calories233 kcal
  • you need 6 slices white sandwich bread , stale, 1.5cm/0.6" thick (see recipe tips)
  • Also you should have 3 tbsp strawberry jam
  • Also 3 tbsp caster sugar
  • Also need 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp milk
  • And you need 2 tbsp butter


  1. Discretionary: Cut the bread into rounds, as huge as possible. See notes for tip.
  2. Spread 1 tbsp of strawberry stick into the center of 3 of the rounds, leaving an edge of around 1cm/1/4″ so when you set up the sandwich together, the stick does not overflow out of the side.
  3. Place egg and drain in a little bowl and beat softly.
  4. Spread sugar on a little plate.
  5. Warmth margarine in substantial non stick dish over medium high warmth.
  6. Rapidly plunge each side of a sandwich into the egg blend, at that point roll the edge in the egg blend too. At that point put in the skillet. Rehash with outstanding sandwiches.
  7. Cook each side for around 2 minutes, until a profound brilliant dark colored.
  8. Expel from the dish and instantly put on the plate with the sugar to coat each side and the edges. The speedier you get it from the container into the sugar, the better the sugar will stick.
  9. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Recipe Tips

1. French toast is constantly best made with stale bread since that way, the egg blend does not douse into the bread (which makes it soaked within).

2. So the “donut” holds its shape and doesn’t slump when you lift it up, it is best to utilize either thick cut sandwich bread or a square chunk you can cut into 1.5cm/0.6″ cuts. Likewise utilizing stale bread helps keep it’s shape.

3. On the off chance that you don’t have stale bread close by, simply pop it in the toaster and delicately toast it. That will take the dampness out and influence it to like it is stale bread.

4. I for the most part utilize a substantial tinned tomato can (void and washed) to squeeze adjusts of the bread. It’s the ideal size for the bread I utilize. Be that as it may, the day I made this the roll was littler than common so I needed to cut it utilizing a blade.

5. You won’t utilize all the sugar. In any case, in the event that you utilize less it is hard to get an even coat.

6. You have to utilize caster sugar which is a finely grained sugar. In the event that you utilize typical sugar then the granules will be too expansive and won’t adhere to the french toast. The contrasting option to covering with sugar is to tidy it with icing sugar. Be that as it may, you should hold up until the point when the french toast cools before doing this generally the icing sugar will simply get assimilated.

7. You can make these ahead around 4 hours, influencing them to ideal for engaging. They don’t keep any longer than this since they begin to sweat. I had a go at moving them in sugar again yet it didn’t stick. Cleaning with icing sugar additionally doesn’t work in light of the fact that the sweat just ingests it.

8. Nourishment considers that however the formula calls for 3 tbsp of sugar, just 1/2 tbsp (at most) really adheres to the french toast.



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